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Amber Plush

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Soul Catchers are curious little beings who act as loving guides through life and the afterlife!
Their main goal is to seek out and help lost souls wherever they may be.

Because their travels take them all around the world, they come in three varieties!

• Aqua: Designated by their MOON symbols, these Catchers are best fit for aquatic exploration.
--- There's nothing they love more than going out for a swim!
• Terran: Designated by their STAR symbols, these Catchers roam the land and make their home here on Earth.
--- They tend to be a bit more foolhardy so watch out!
• Aeris: Designated by their SUN symbols, these Catchers take to the skies and freely traverse through the clouds.
--- Truly old souls if there were any!


~>[This Soul Catcher is named AMBER]<~
Amber is considered royalty to the forest. They love to prance and explore their domain!
This plush is top heavy and has difficulty standing without readjusting their legs/body.


- Made of soft, plush minky fabric
- Roughly 8 inches tall
- Embroidered details
- Due to the nature of their production, the plush made need to be fluffed in order for them to be reshaped into their proper form
- For ages 3+

If you have any questions and/or comments, please don't hesitate to let me know!
<3 Thank you!


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