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Thunder Wave Button Up Shirt

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A collection of vibrant, highly-detailed, unisex button up shirts perfect for any wardrobe!


Since these shirts are stitched by hand, the Pokemon placement will vary from shirt to shirt.
Unfortunately we cannot fulfill requests to have specific Pokemon in the very center or on the pocket.

Due to the shirts being 100% cotton they do not have as much stretch as polyester blends.
This makes for a breezier, cooler shirt but all the same, please double-check the sizing.
The model in my photos is 5'8" and is wearing a 2XL.


- 100% Cotton
- Buttons down all the way
- One front chest pocket
- Short-sleeved
These shirts are machine washable and all care directions are stated on the inside label.

If you have any questions and/or comments, please don't hesitate to let me know!
<3 Thank you!


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Our rates are based on current USPS charges and may change from time to time to reflect that.

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