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Trubbish Microfiber Cloth

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Our microfiber cloths are soft and smooth, perfect for cleaning glasses and screens!


-Full one-sided color printing
-Easily washable with cold water
-Individually packaged in plastic sleeves
-This listing is for ONE (1) microfiber cloth

If you have any questions and/or comments, please don't hesitate to let me know!
<3 Thank you!


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Customer Reviews

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One mans Trubish is another trainers treasure!

I'd been in desperate need of another cleaning cloth for my glasses, but being the stubborn Otaku I am, refused to use anything without a picture of an anime or game character on it. LOL! Enter Star Salts. I found them on Etsy, but chose to give the official site my business, as it felt more like supporting a small business.

After looking at laterally ALL of their Pokemon merch, I chose Trubish becouse there just isn't enough merch of the little cutie out there... also, they didn't have any Quaxly, Tinkaton, or Ogerpon designs yet... maybe another day!

The quality is great, and the picture is even better in person. Don't hesitate to give this small company your business, you won't regret it!